Acute Healing

acute healing

nutrition for surgeries and injuries

During injury, surgery or illness, your body is working overtime to get you back to health. mend™ gives you the fuel your body needs to get you feeling better faster and staying healthy longer after recovery.


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repair and recover

Injuries are unexpected, frustrating, and interfere with your daily life in an instant. Everyone wants to recover quickly and get back to their lives. Repair & Recover is trusted by doctors as the nutrition you need to heal your best. And this is not just about recovering, but coming back stronger.†

  • Wound and soft tissue healing†

  • Bone healing†

  • Combat oxidative stress†

mend joint replacement

Undergoing joint replacement surgery takes a toll on your body. You’re preparing for a major surgery and ensuring your body has the right nutrition to heal is vital. Doctors trust mend™ to help their patients have the best outcomes and get back to their lives stronger.†

  • Prevent muscle atrophy†
  • Enhance muscle function†
  • Reduce postoperative inflammation†
  • Support wound healing†
mend cosmetic

Investing in looking good and feeling good is important. After cosmetic surgery, it takes time to heal, and heal well. Clinical nutrition is essential to recovery, and the top cosmetic surgeons trust our uniquely designed formula. Looking and feeling your best after cosmetic surgery is possible with mend™.

  • Tissue healing†
  • Reduce bruising†
  • Skin repair†

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