Author: mend™

Author: mend™
Erin Owen, PhD. Joins mend™ to Lead Clinical Research
We're thrilled to welcome Dr. Erin Owen to our team to lead clinical research in nutripharma and digital behavioral health. Serving most recently as the Executive Director of the Slocum Research and Education Foundation, Erin has been at the forefront of clinical research in orthopedic joint replacement, trauma, and sports
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San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists to Implement Upgraid™ By Mend
San Antonio Leader, World-Class Care and Award-Winning Team Mend, a life sciences company operating at the intersection of nutripharma and digital behavioral health, announced today the world-class orthopedic partners at San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists (SAOS) will be implementing Upgraid™ by mend, a best-in-class perioperative patient optimization platform for total joint
MEND, 2 weeks ago
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mend™ Welcomes RNs & RDs to its Growing Clinical Team, Kicking Off a Transformative Healthcare Model
We’re excited to welcome Yusuf Farhamand RN, Holly Berry BSN RN, and Stacey Simon RD CSG CDN to the mend™ team to help deliver standout care to Provider patients in a new-to-world perioperative care model. Yusuf has extensive experience in Medical and Burn ICU, specializes in Trauma ICU, and has
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mend™ Welcomes Rob Webb as a Key Strategic Advisor
Senior healthcare industry leader Rob Webb joins the mend™ team as a key strategic advisor. As an experienced investor and business builder in health care, Webb will work closely with the senior leadership team to help clarify the strategy and associated tactics to enable rapid commercialization of the mend suite
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mend™ Unveils New Branding
NEW YORK, NY, November 8, 2021 - After MEND and Upgraid merged earlier this year, the combined company has continued to come together as one and are thrilled to unveil a consolidated brand under mend™. Continuing to work with the top partners in healthcare and science, mend™ is naturally clinical in their
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