Author: Alexa Abdelaziz

Author: Alexa Abdelaziz
Independent Testing & Verification in Dietary Supplements
Why more choice will be good for consumers By: Chris Gusty, Chief Operating OfficerAlexa Abdelaziz Ph.D., Director R&DNaheed Kamruddin, Director Supply ChainAs a manufacturer of clinical nutrition products and functional supplements, MEND is utilizing a new level of scientific research to test and verify the safety and efficacy of our
MEND, 2 weeks ago
Author: Alexa Abdelaziz
Clinical Evidence on Digestive Enzymes
What Are Digestive Enzymes & Why Are They Important to Digestive Health? By Alexa Abdelaziz, PhD, Director Research & Development, MEND What are Proteases? Unlike most muscle recovery supplements, MEND Regenerate stands out for uniquely including proteases in the formulation. Proteases are enzymes, which are proteins that facilitate and speed
MEND, 4 weeks ago
Author: Alexa Abdelaziz
How Does Your Body Heal During Sleep?
How Your Body Heals During Sleep & How You Can Enhance It By Dr. Alexa Abdelaziz PhD In this article When the body responds to injury, whether an elective surgery or an accidental injury, there is a generalized catabolic response (breakdown of complex substances into simpler ones), associated with weight
MEND, 4 months ago