The Healing Power of Music: A Summer Playlist


The Healing Power of Music: A Summer Playlist

Eziah Syed

Music is powerful. The right song can drum up feelings of nostalgia, hope, happiness, and joy. By listening to music that is upbeat, studies have shown that people can improve their mood in two weeks. Mood is directly related to stress levels that are directly related to healthy living. Improved mental state and happiness can lead to better physical health and better quality of life in relationships, work, and more. 

Also, music has also been used effectively in therapeutic settings. The American Music Therapy Association uses music therapy to alleviate stress, help with memory loss, and even cope with and alleviate pain. Also, there have been studies done on patients recovery from surgery. In one study, it was shown that music can help postoperative patients reduce pain and manage anxiety in the healing process. Taking a holistic look at health and alternative methods of recovery like music as therapy, we can innovate on solutions for optimal living. 

At MEND, we know that healing is much more than just the right nutrition. So, we are sharing our favorite “healing” tunes to take you into summer and boost your mood. Apply sunscreen, press play, and enjoy these healing tunes while you soak up the sun!

Simply press play here or check out the link to our Spotify playlist

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