We’re hiring!

At MEND we’re building a culture of curiosity and innovation in pursuing our mission to help people heal and live their healthiest. If you’re passionate about health and well-being, you are intellectually hungry, willing to ask new questions and push boundaries and want to change the future of health, we’d love to speak to you.

  • Full-Time Marketing & Digital Media Analyst
    We require a Marketing & Digital Media Analyst to design, build and execute our end-to-end digital marketing programs. The Marketing & Digital Media Analyst will be involved in every aspect of our marketing programs working closely with our CEO, VP Operations, VP Business Development, Creative Director and Digital Agency.


  • Summer Position: Customer Support Analyst
    MEND Nutrition Inc. is a fast growing start-up and life sciences company initially focused on redefining the role of nutrition in medical and clinical settings. We are passionate about helping people heal and live their healthiest. We are working with the world’s leading universities and hospitals to research and develop evidence-based nutrition products that create better patient outcomes.


  • Summer Position: Client Experience Analyst
    We require a high-energy, passionate summer intern to work with us execute a seamless client experience. The Customer Experience Analyst will work directly with our CEO, VP Operations & VP Business Development to ensure that our end-to-end customer journey is supported through our entire sales cycle from prospecting through to client onboarding in a manner that is in keeping with our Brand Promise.


  • Full-Time Operations Manager
    We require a full-time operations manager to work directly with our VP Operations to help design, build and manage the infrastructure and production for a fast-growing start-up.

To apply, email us at: careers@mend.me