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What are the Top Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Heart
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Ask an RD: What are the Top Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Heart?

Meet Stacey Simon, mend’s Registered Dietician and expert in all things nutrition. Look out for more great tips from Stacey …

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It’s National Running Day! Why do we run?

Whether it’s a lifelong practice or a newfound habit, running crosses the globe as a bonding experience. And in the …

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Feeling Down? How Fueling Your Body Can Lead to Happiness

Table of Contents As we celebrate March 20, which has been designated as International Day of Happiness by the United …

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Nourish Your Heart. It Matters.

Jump to a Topic February was American Heart Month and we wanted to share and distill information about how proper …

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Sports: Injuries, Maintenance, and the Right Nutrition

Performing at our best during training and competition is monumentally important for athletes at all levels. And what we put …

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12 Benefits of Stretching and How to Get Started

Table of Contents Let’s do an experiment. First, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and do a mental …

importance of vitamin d mend
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Why Vitamin D – The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ – Is SO Important

In this article Why Vitamin D… The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’… Is SO Important Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our …

New Years Resolution Blog
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10 Tips to Creating Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

Want to jump to the list? How many New Year’s resolutions have you ever stuck with throughout a whole year? …

Healing Music
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The Healing Power of Music: A Summer Playlist

Music is powerful. The right song can drum up feelings of nostalgia, hope, happiness, and joy. By listening to music …

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What are The Best Foods to Eat Before Bed?

In this article Sleeping for Healing Quality of sleep and sufficient amounts of sleep is critical when your body is …