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Why Vitamin D – The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ – Is SO Important

In this article Why Vitamin D… The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’… Is SO Important Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our …

Enhancing Orthopedic Outcomes with Clinical Nutrition
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Clinical Paper: Enhancing Orthopedic Outcomes with Clinical Nutrition

AbstractA growing body of clinical evidence suggests that orthopedic patient outcomes can be enhanced through supplementation with amino acids, protein …

Protein Sources
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Types of Protein

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Jerusalem artichoke
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Jerusalem Artichoke: What is It and What are the Benefits?

Ingredient deep-dive into Jerusalem Artichoke In this article What is Jerusalem Artichoke? “Gut health” is a wellness trend that’s captured …

grape seed
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The Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Ingredient deep-dive into Grape Seed Extract In this article What is Grape Seed Extract? Ever feel like you need an …

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What is Inflammation?

How Can We Manage Inflammation for Optimal Health? By: Dr. Alexa Abdelaziz, PhD Nutritional & Metabolic Biology In this article …

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Clinical Paper: Nutritional Interventions for Surgical Patients

During a state of trauma, such as injury or surgery, the body’s nutritional needs are expected to increase. The body …

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Resveratrol: The Benefits & Sources

In this article If you’ve ever tried to convince yourself that a glass of red wine is a healthy decision…there’s …

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Nutrition x Skin Care: How to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage from the Inside Out

In this article We’ve all received the sun-care lecture: apply sunscreen, wear a hat, don’t sit in the sun for …

Independent Testing & Verification in Dietary Supplements
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Independent Testing & Verification in Dietary Supplements

Why more choice will be good for consumers By: Chris Gusty, Chief Operating Officer Alexa Abdelaziz Ph.D., Director R&D Kim …