Healing & Recovery


During injury, surgery or illness, the body’s needs for certain key nutrients increases. And science is increasingly showing that targeted nutrition intake can enhance outcomes in a clinically significant way.


The below MEND products are designed to support your body’s needs during the acute phase of trauma. 

Utilized by leading MDs, Hospitals & Professional Practices

During exercise, injury, or surgery recovery, we need additional nutrients. Award-winning MEND Repair & Recover contains clinically studied proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to optimize healing. 


  • Wound & Soft Tissue Healing 
  • Bone Healing 
  • Reduce Low Level Inflammation 
  • Reduce Risk of Infection 
  • Combat Oxidative Stress 

Muscle weakness is common after surgery and can slow recovery times and increase complications. MEND Joint Replacement is clinically proven to preserve muscle and help you recover faster. 


  • Prevent Muscle Atrophy 
  • Enhance Muscle Function 
  • Reduce Postoperative Inflammation 
  • Reduce Risk of Infection 
  • May Reduce Pain 

Nutrition plays a critical role in skin health and healing. Award-winning MEND Cosmetic has nutrients like collagen, arnica, bromelain and more to help you recover faster from cosmetic procedures and maintain daily skin health.


  • Tissue Healing 
  • Reduce Bruising
  • Collagen Production
  • Wound Healing
  • Skin Health

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