What are the Top Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Heart
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Ask an RD: What are the Top Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Heart?

Meet Stacey Simon, mend’s Registered Dietician and expert in all things nutrition. Look out for more great tips from Stacey on tips, advice, and more for living a healthy lifestyle …

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It’s National Running Day! Why do we run?

Whether it’s a lifelong practice or a newfound habit, running crosses the globe as a bonding experience. And in the United States, at least 50 million people consider themselves “runners”. …

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Good Health That You Can See

Why managing blood sugar is so vital to skin health & youth By Alexa Abdelaziz, PhD Nutritional & Metabolic Biology, Gregory A. Buford, MD FACS PCEO, Ashlin Alexander, MD FRCSC …

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Ashwagandha… the most versatile herb you’ve never heard about

Table of Contents If someone asked me to eat an ancient herb with a name that translates to “the smell and strength of a horse” I would most likely pass …

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What is blood glucose and why do we care about it?

Table of Contents What is blood glucose? In the average healthy individual, the heart pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood through the body each day (1). This blood serves to …

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Feeling Down? How Fueling Your Body Can Lead to Happiness

Table of Contents As we celebrate March 20, which has been designated as International Day of Happiness by the United Nations, let’s look at how nutrition can help with our …

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Nourish Your Heart. It Matters.

Jump to a Topic February was American Heart Month and we wanted to share and distill information about how proper nutrients and lifestyle can help nurture the long-term health of …

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Sports: Injuries, Maintenance, and the Right Nutrition

Performing at our best during training and competition is monumentally important for athletes at all levels. And what we put into our bodies is what we are going to get …

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Sustainable Nutrition & Other Health Trends to Watch in 2022

Table of Contents Trends fluctuate and recommendations by health experts change. It can be confusing and challenging to keep up with the latest insights as new information is released into …

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12 Benefits of Stretching and How to Get Started

Table of Contents Let’s do an experiment. First, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and do a mental scan of your body. Notice if and where you feel …

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Why Vitamin D – The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ – Is SO Important

In this article Why Vitamin D… The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’… Is SO Important Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our daily health and wellness. It serves a multitude of important …