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Clinical Paper: Enhancing Orthopedic Outcomes with Clinical Nutrition

AbstractA growing body of clinical evidence suggests that orthopedic patient outcomes can be enhanced through supplementation with amino acids, protein and other natural compounds. This paper reviews the state of …

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Types of Protein

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Jerusalem artichoke
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Jerusalem Artichoke: What is It and What are the Benefits?

Ingredient deep-dive into Jerusalem Artichoke In this article What is Jerusalem Artichoke? “Gut health” is a wellness trend that’s captured the attention of many over the past few years. We’ve …

apricot banana smoothie
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Apricot Banana Smoothie

To ensure optimal absorption of all the nutrients, it’s best to put your MEND into a smoothie. One of our customers introduced us to this Apricot Banana smoothie, which perfectly …

grape seed
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The Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Ingredient deep-dive into Grape Seed Extract In this article What is Grape Seed Extract? Ever feel like you need an immune-booster? Meet grape seed extract, a dietary supplement full of …

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What is Inflammation?

How Can We Manage Inflammation for Optimal Health? By: Dr. Alexa Abdelaziz, PhD Nutritional & Metabolic Biology In this article Understanding inflammation is incredibly important because it is involved in …

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Clinical Paper: Nutritional Interventions for Surgical Patients

During a state of trauma, such as injury or surgery, the body’s nutritional needs are expected to increase. The body enters a higher metabolic state and requires more energy, the …

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Resveratrol: The Benefits & Sources

In this article If you’ve ever tried to convince yourself that a glass of red wine is a healthy decision…there’s actually some truth to that. Red wine has a high …

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Nutrition x Skin Care: How to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage from the Inside Out

In this article We’ve all received the sun-care lecture: apply sunscreen, wear a hat, don’t sit in the sun for too long. But, we don’t often think about why protection …

Healing Music
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The Healing Power of Music: A Summer Playlist

Music is powerful. The right song can drum up feelings of nostalgia, hope, happiness, and joy. By listening to music that is upbeat, studies have shown that people can improve …

Independent Testing & Verification in Dietary Supplements
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Independent Testing & Verification in Dietary Supplements

Why more choice will be good for consumers By: Chris Gusty, Chief Operating Officer Alexa Abdelaziz Ph.D., Director R&D Kim Biedermann, Chief Science Officer As a manufacturer of clinical nutrition …