MEND Adopted by US Military Special Operations

MEND, 1 year ago

MEND provides elite forces of the US Military its award winning nutrition products to help with healing, recovery and peak physical performance

MEND™ announced today that it continues to gain adoption by various special operations forces within the US Military.

MEND was initially contacted by units within the US Army Special Operations Command to incorporate its MEND Repair & Recover product for healing and recovery from surgery/injury into rehabilitation for its soldiers. MEND then began work with units in Air Force Special Operations Command and more recently has engaged with other units throughout the US Special Operations Command and is expanding into the various conventional branches. Military units continue to adopt MEND’s products for recovery and healing as well as peak physical performance.

MEND has been experiencing rapid organic growth in medicine and sports and is now being utilized by numerous professional sports teams as well as leading hospitals, surgeons, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals. The company’s products have been awarded for innovation and evidence-based approach and impact for 3 consecutive years.

“We are investing heavily in the science and randomized trials to develop unique evidence-based products. MEND is now being embraced by the most demanding clients in medicine and professional sports,” says co-founder Eziah Syed. “Working with our military is an enormous source of pride and it’s an honor to support our armed forces with the best available in medical and functional nutrition.”

The US Military places great emphasis on nutrition and their special operations forces develop the most advanced nutrition strategies to ensure troops have an advantage.

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April 23 3PM CT – MEND CEO & Founder Eziah Syed will feature in the Agrifood Conversations webinar by iSelect Fund, The Van Trump Report & The Yield Lab, on “The Healing Power of Clinical Nutrition and Medical Foods”. You can register for the webinar here:

MEND is very excited to work with Dr. Andrew Wickline, the #1 ranked total joint surgeon by volume in New York State. He has incorporated MEND’s joint replacement product into patient care. Read more:

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