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MEND Aims for Untapped Market: Better Nutrition for Surgery Patients

Life sciences start-up MEND believes better nutrition will help concussion patients before and after surgery, and is seeking to roll out another of its supplement powders to tap that market.

The New York company is filing a patent for a nutritional drink meant to aid concussion and traumatic brain injury victims, founder Eziah Syed told Karma. The company currently sells a line of supplements to support recovery from different surgeries including cosmetic, orthopedic, and joint recovery.

The concussion market doesn’t appear to have a competing product, Syed said.

“There hasn’t been anything in the market that has shown to be neuroprotective, neuroregenerative for concussion patients today,” Syed, who is also MEND’s CEO, told Karma. “You’re generally told to not take certain things or told to rest, or increase water intake. But there isn’t a specific intervention or drink that we’ve come across in the world of natural compounds that does what we try to do.”