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Americans break a bone each year

Bone fractures are common. Approximately 6.8 million Americans break a bone each year. On average, every person in the United States will experience two broken bones over the course of a lifetime. 

The bone healing process has three phases:


This starts immediately after the bone is fractured and lasts for several days. The swelling and the clotting of the blood provides the initial structural stability for producing new bone.


New bone is produced when the clotted blood is replaced with fibrous tissue and cartilage (“soft callus”), which is later replaced with osteoblasts (cells that help form new bone) and hard bone (“hard callus”).


In this final phase of bone healing, the bone continues to form and becomes compact, returning to its original shape.

Nutrition to improve healing & recovery.

Your nutritional status plays an important role in bone fracture healing. Bones are made up of proteins, minerals and vitamins and any deficiency in these nutrients can compromise the bone fracture healing process.

Introducing MEND
Repair & Recover.

If you have a bone fracture, your body needs more energy to support the demands of healing. Increasing your nutrition intake with the proper foods and nutrients supports your body during this critical healing period. MEND Repair & Recover contains all the critical nutrients – including whey protein, BCAAs, calcium, turmeric, and more – to help bones heal stronger and faster.


The key ingredients in MEND Repair & Recover that support bone fracture healing are:

  • Calcium – A chemical element which we need to build and maintain strong bones and healthy communications between the brain and various parts of the body.
  • Vitamin D – Crucial for the absorption of calcium to improve bone health. Vitamin D also may help prevent bone deterioration from repetitive stress.
  • Glutamine – An immunonutrient that helps the body attain a positive nitrogen balance, necessary for bone healing after trauma.
  • Boron – A nutrient interaction with Vitamin D increases the effectiveness of both nutrients for bone health.

Read more about the nutrients that are involved in building and maintaining bone health.

All of the nutrients contained in MEND Repair & Recover were selected based on the science and evidence supporting their efficacy. We have strong and growing patient data which is increasingly supporting that MEND provides the benefits intended.†

We are very interested in partnering with medical doctors and others in the healthcare field who would like to make MEND available to their patients. Please email us at to learn more about partnering with us.

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