MEND Cosmetic

Clinical nutrition designed to enhance patient recovery from cosmetic procedures


There are many factors that determine how well patients recover from cosmetic procedures. Many of them cannot be controlled for. However studies have shown that incomplete nutrition is one of the few modifiable risk factors that can be supplemented to provide superior results.

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of patients experience bruising or scaring


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of patients believe nutrition is important
to optimize recovery from surgery


If you take into consideration that patients with cosmetic concerns are willing to invest in themselves to ensure they have the most optimal recovery possible, it becomes evident that there is an opportunity to offer patients nutritional guidance.


MEND Cosmetic is a perioperative nutritional solution tailored to replenish marginal deficiencies so that patients are nutritionally optimized for healing and superior results.

We worked with our science board consisting of leading cosmetic surgeons, nutritionists and scientists to develop a proprietary blend of 24 nutrients that have been clinically tested to help support tissue healing, reduce bruising and inflammation, boost collagen production and enhance skin health. Offer your patients a complete clinical nutrition product designed to help them with all aspects of recovery and show them that you care.


Working with the Leaders in Medicine

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If you are a member of a healthcare organization or other entity interested in learning more about how we work with partners to make MEND available to patients, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you.


We are very interested in partnering with medical doctors and others in the healthcare field who would like to make MEND available to their patients. Please email us at to learn more about partnering with us.
MEND Cosmetic is available in vanilla and chocolate flavor.

To aid absorption of nutrients, it is highly recommended to take MEND blended in a smoothie.

All of the nutrients contained in MEND Cosmetic were selected based on the science and evidence supporting their efficacy. We have strong and growing patient data which is increasingly supporting that MEND provides the benefits intended.†

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