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Did you know?

Your body uses more energy when recovering from injury or surgery. Your body’s metabolic rate increases 20-50% during recovery, which means your body needs more key nutrients to fuel that recovery.

Clinical studies show

In a patient population of 16K, 100% of patients lacked the key nutrients for recovery. Further research shows that supplementation with targeted nutrients can enhance and accelerate healing.

Introducing MEND

Nutrition can directly affect your recovery while you’re under a physical therapist’s care. MEND is clinical nutrition leveraging science to optimize your healing with a natural first approach. Jump start your recovery with MEND, the best nutritional tool for your treatment. 


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MEND Repair + Recover

If you are recovering from a surgery or injury (like a fracture or sprain), your body needs more energy to support the demands of healing.  

  • Enhance healing of wound and soft tissue.†
  • Support and accelerate bone repair.†
  • Helps body manage and reduce inflammation.†
  • Preventative use can help enhance tissue strength and prevent injury.†

MEND Regenerate

You can use MEND Regenerate for age-related weakness, improving muscle mass, optimal health & well-being, and high performance sports.

  • Preserve & increase lean muscle volume and output with resistance training.†
  • Improved strength.†
  • Increased stamina and endurance.†
  • Enhanced energy and vitality.†


When recovering from surgery or an injury, it is best to take MEND Repair + Recover. MEND Repair + Recover contains all the critical nutrients – including whey protein, BCAAs, calcium, turmeric, and more – to help you heal stronger and faster.

All of the nutrients contained in MEND Repair + Recover and Regenerate were selected based on the science and evidence supporting their efficacy. We have strong and growing patient data which is increasingly supporting that MEND provides the benefits intended.†

MEND contains only well-studied nutrients that are well tolerated. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements.†

MEND is a powder supplement that can be easily mixed with the liquid of your choice. We recommend that you blend MEND into a smoothie to help aid absorption of nutrients. There are a number of smoothie recipes provided on our website.


We are very interested in partnering with physical therapists who would like to make MEND available to their patients. Please email us at to learn more about partnering with us.

Nutrition is not always enough. Your daily diet, even if nutritionally optimized, will probably still not bring you all the nutrients you need, especially when preparing or recovering from surgery! There are simply some nutrients that your body needs, that you cannot derive solely from food, and must be supplemented. Plus, it is extremely hard to create a well balanced diet everyday, that contains all the nutrients you need. That’s where MEND comes in!


MEND is developed to bring you all the nutrients you need for many specific situations in one bottle. Repair + Recover contains all the nutrients you need to prepare for, and recover from, injury and surgery. Regenerate contains the 33 nutrients your body needs for optimal daily health. 

Yes! As a science driven company, MEND continues to invest in research and only uses clinically proven ingredients. We leverage science as we strive to develop our formulas with natural compounds that have the same scientific rigor as pharmaceutical drugs. Want to learn more about the studies we’ve done? Check out our science page!