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Award winning MEND™ functional nutrition now available with NSF Sport certification to meet growing demand from over 20+ professional sports teams

NEW YORK, October 24th, 2017 – MEND announces today that it has begun shipping MEND™ Regenerate NSF Sport. This follows on the heels of successful market release of MEND™ Orthopedic NSF Sport, a specialized medical dietary supplement to support tissue repair and recovery.

The 2016 anti-aging product of the year, MEND™ Regenerate is rapidly being adopted as the primary performance nutrition product by professional and collegiate sports programs. The unique all-natural formulation, which was developed after three years of testing in a leading orthopedic medical practice, was immediately recognized and adopted by authorities in sports nutrition to promote peak performance.

“Medicine and professional sports are both, by nature, conservative in their approach to nutrition. Both specialties are in need of efficacious, high-quality, scientifically valid products to provide their patients and athletes”, states Dr. Ralph Venuto, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor who sits on MEND’s advisory board. “Our science team is very committed to developing only the highest quality evidence-based products that our sports and medical clients can trust.”

NSF Sport certification is the highest standard provided by NSF, which is an independent testing and certifying body for dietary supplements relied on by professional and collegiate sports. This gold standard certification ensures that athletes are using a high quality, pure product, free of any banned substances.

“We’ve had an explosion of adoption by professional and collegiate sports and in particular the NFL”, says Ken Roycroft, Director of Business Development for MEND. “some of the most elite, high-performing teams and top athletes have incorporated MEND as their primary nutrition product. Our commitment to science, quality and these certifications ensures our athletes are getting the best performance and medical nutrition available.”

Professional teams across the globe are increasingly using MEND Orthopedic and MEND Regenerate– from rugby in Europe, to NHL in Canada and NBA, NFL and MLB in the United States. Orthopedic surgeons across the United States are also utilizing MEND with their patients to support medical outcomes.

About MEND
MEND was founded by leading medical and nutrition experts who share the philosophy that evidence-based functional nutrition can have a very beneficial impact on health. We believe that in order for the body to heal and perform optimally, it must be provided with the key nutrients it requires for restoration of health and well-being. This overriding concept is the basis for all of our products, and is our inspiration for the goal of harnessing the natural power of nutrition to support the body. For more information please visit: