Shared core values, passion for our mission and a commitment to working tirelessly to develop novel solutions and a timeless brand.
Eziah Syed
Co-Founder & CEO
Helene Rutledge
Co-Founder & President
Justin Kamine
Whitney Stevens
Co-Founder & Senior Strategist
Ali Syed
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Chris Gusty
Olivia Moore
Director, Strategy & Operations
Alexa Abdelaziz
Director, Research & Development
Kathryn Malarkey
Director, Marketing
Alexander Sohn
Supply Chain Operations Manager
Mikayla Pacilio
Sales Manager
Ken Roycroft
Advisor, Business Development
Connor Barwin
Sports Advisor
Noel Pugh
Senior Advisor, Hospital Systems
Meena Mansharamani
Marketing Advisor