Shared core values, passion for our mission and a commitment to working tirelessly to develop novel solutions and a timeless brand.
Eziah Syed
Founder & CEO
Chris Gusty
VP Operations
Alexander Sohn
Director Account Management
Ali Syed
Founder, Creative Director
Whitney Stevens
Founder and Senior Strategist
Ken Roycroft
VP Business Development
Gayemarie Brown
Advisor & Senior Strategist
Megan Varela Nunes
Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager
Thomas Braemer
VP Retail
Krishna Desai
Manager Consumer Strategy
Olivia Moore
Manager Strategy Key Accounts & Growth
Ajith Ganapathi Hegde
R&D Project Management
Tim Tian
Fundraising Support & Financial Analyst
Connor Barwin
Sports Advisor
Reja Sabet
Business Advisor
Meena Mansharamani
Marketing Advisor