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Medical Food Repair & Recover Surgery: Coming Q1 2024

Comprehensive evidence-based formula for addressing known needs for surgical healing


An insufficient supply of proper nutrients before or after surgery, potentially prolonging recovery and these nutrients cannot be obtained from diet alone.


This targeted blend of nutrients addresses postoperative challenges by supporting tissue repair, improving wound healing, and promoting a healthy immune response. Additionally, it sustains muscle health and function while preserving muscle volume during bedrest, enhancing overall recovery after surgery or major injury.

Supports Healing Process†

Healthy Inflammatory Response after surgery †

Supports Muscle Tissue Health†

Aids Tissue Protection†

“The formulation is truly unique and urgently needed, unlike anything else in the market. Proud to have contributed to the development.”

Paul Wischmeyer MD


Lower risk of post-operative complications with nutritional intervention


Less muscle protein breakdown with HMB supplementation


Increase in the body's protein needs when the stress response is triggered

1. Hendrickson et al., J Bone Joint Surg AM, 2022; 104(9): 759-766. 2. Wilkinson et al. J Physiol, 2013; 591(11): 2911-23. 3. Demling RH. Eplasty. 2009;9:e9.

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Key Ingredients: Repair & Recover Surgical

Protein: 15 g

Amino Acids: 18 g

Arginine: 7 g

Citrulline: 1 g

Omega 3 FA: 0.825g

Vitamin D3: 20 mcg

Mend is utilized by