Webinar Panel: “Enhancing Orthopedic Outcomes with Clinical Nutrition”


Webinar: Enhancing orthopedic outcomes with clinical nutrition

A panel of acclaimed leaders from Mayo, Hospital for Special Surgery, Penn, Yale, Geisinger and other institutions discuss the latest science, clinical experience and implications for healthcare providers and payors. 

Don’t miss this important discussion on one of the hottest topics in healthcare!


Brent Bauer, MD

Head of Integrative & Complementary Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Erica Christ, RD, CDE

Greenwich Hospital/ Yale New Haven Health

Erin Owen, PhD, MPH

Public Health, Executive Director, Slocum Foundation

Helene Rutledge, EMBA

Former Head Open Innovation GlaxoSmithKline, Global R&D Director, Pfizer, VP R&D Nature's Bounty

Peter Sculco, MD

Adult Reconstruction, Hospital for Special Surgery

Neil Sheth, MD, FACS

Chief of Orthopedics, Pennsylvania Hospital

Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA

Chief Physician Officer, Geisinger

All panelists are participating on a voluntary basis with no compensation. They are motivated to be a part of the panel by their personal desire to help improve healthcare. 

Discussion Topics

One of the hottest topics in medicine is on how natural compounds can be utilized to enhance patient outcomes, in both acute care as well as chronic care. Our panel of leaders will discuss the latest science and strategies to improve healthcare through this fast developing domain.
  • Research: Nutritional Status of Society / Patients
  • Peri-operative Nutrition
  • General Nutrition vs. Targeted Nutrition
  • Physical Therapy Nutrition
  • Different Pathways (e.g. Carb Loading v. Amino Acid)
  • Landscape of Peer Reviewed Published Research in Orthopedics
  • Case Examples (EAAs in Total Joint Arthroplasty)
  • Patient Awareness and Demand in Post Covid World
  • Exciting New Domains of Research
  • Impact on Business Model
  • Essential Role in Value Based Care
  • Beyond the Scalpel – Integrative & Complementary Approach

Moderated By:

Alexa Abdelaziz, PhD

Nutritional & Metabolic Biology, Director R&D MEND

Noel Pugh, PhD

Healthcare Management & Economics, Advisor MEND

Monday March 1

8pm EST / 5pm PST

Join us via Zoom!


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