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MEND Cosmetic

Developed by renowned experts, MEND Cosmetic is a medical dietary supplement with an evidence based proprietary formulation of nutrients designed to support healing following surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Adding MEND Cosmetic to your daily routine will provide your body with nutrients to support tissue healing, reduce inflammation, reduce bruising, and speed up the healing process.

Tissue healing - Key nutrients to support and enhance soft tissue healing.

Reduce brusing - Nutritional support to reduce bruising and help manage inflammation.

Collagen production - Optimized formulation to help boost collagen production for skin health.

Wound healing - Provide key nutrients to support immune system and encourage wound healing.

Skin health - Enhance skin health, increase moisture, elasticity and radiance.

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MEND Regenerate

MEND Regenerate is a complete daily formula with 34 nutrients to support muscle health, performance and well-being. Improve muscle health, combative oxidative stress, support a healthy gut and reduce low level inflammation.

Enhance muscle tissue volume & health - Preserve and increase lean muscle volume and output when used with resistance training.

Improve strength - Nutritional support to reduce bruising and help manage inflammation.

Increase stamina & endurance - Increase strength for performing activities and daily living.

Enhance energy & vitality - When used with resistance training, increase over energy and vitality.

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