Better Nutrition = Better Healing

During a state of injury, the body requires additional nutrients in order to heal optimally. The science and clinical evidence has become established: targeted supplementation with key nutrients can support and enhance the time and quality of healing.

We have partnered with leading medical nutrition company MEND, to bring you clinically studied and clinically proven products to support and enhance your recovery and health.

With MEND, you can trust that you’re getting the best available in scientifically valid medical nutrition.

Nutrition for Healing

Nutrition Products

MEND Orthopedic was designed to support healing and recovery from orthopedic surgery, injury or the repetitive tissue stress and chronic inflammation from sports and training.

Enhance wound healing - Provides targeted nutrition for wound and soft tissue healing.

Support bone repair - Key nutrients help accelerate healing of bone fractures.

Manage inflammation - Helps the body to process and reduce inflammation.

Support immune system - Supports a healthy immune response for wounds and tissue trauma.

Prevent injury - Preventative use can enhance tissue strength and prevent injury.

MEND Regenerate is a complete daily formula with 34 nutrients to support muscle health, performance and well-being.

Enhance muscle tissue volume & health - Preserve and increase lean muscle volume and output when used with resistance training.

Improve strength - Increase strength for performing activities and daily living.

Increase stamina & endurance - Improved muscle output and enhanced circulation to improve stamina and endurance.

Enhance energy & vitality - When used with resistance training, increase over energy and vitality.

Clinically proven to reduce muscle atrophy and weakness and enhance recovery

Reduce muscle loss - Reduce the muscle loss that occurs with surgical trauma and immobility.

Enhance strength - Preserve muscle volume and health to improve strength of repaired joint.

Improve function - Enhance the mobility and function of the repaired joint.

Wound healing - Provide key nutrients to support immune system and encourage wound healing.

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