We take care of all the work so you can focus on your patients

  • Improve Patient Outcomes

    Utilize evidence-based clinical nutrition to drive better outcomes for injury, surgery, illness, aging and human performance.

  • Enhance Patient Experience

    Provide your patients a differentiated experience with multimodal approach to their well-being.

  • Fit Seamlessly Into Your Workflow

    MEND can integrate into your practice without adding any operational overhead to your staff, so they can focus on helping patients.


  • Onboarding and Training

    We take the time to personally onboard your practice through calls, presentations, and supporting materials for everyone from your clinicians to your front office staff.

  • Custom Practice Dashboard

    You receive a custom partner portal that allows you to track progress so you can better engage with your patients.

  • Supporting Resources

    Our creative team will work with you to create custom protocols, education, marketing materials, and anything else that you need to make your program a big success.


If you would like to incorporate MEND into your practice, please contact us

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