The Need For Clinical Nutrition

During a state of trauma, such as surgery, the body’s nutritional needs increase:

  • The body enters a higher metabolic state and requires more energy
  • Trauma and lack of use leads to muscle atrophy, which prolongs recovery
  • The immune system is weakened due to stress and shock
  • Risk of wound infection is increased
  • Persistent inflammation delays return to function
  • Trauma and physiological stress lead to increased fatigue
Nutritional deficiencies impede the natural progression of healing, including elevating the risk of infection and lengthening recovery periods. The latest clinical research has shown that patients who are nutritionally optimized pre and post op will heal better and faster and have better long-term outcomes. Unfortunately, most Americans are overfed and undernourished, meaning most Americans are not nutritionally optimized and are at a higher risk for complications post-surgery.

MEND: A Solution for Pre and Post Op Nutrition

We have partnered with MEND to provide our patients with clinical nutrition to optimize surgical outcomes and recovery. MEND has developed a suite of products to address the nutritional gap in healing by combining the rigor of scientific research with a natural first approach. We recommend and encourage using MEND products for a stronger, long-lasting recovery from surgery.

MEND Joint Replacement is designed for patients undergoing total joint replacement, ACL surgery, rotator cuff repair, arthroscopy, or any surgery where muscle atrophy and weakness is common. Patients that have taken MEND Joint Replacement have had the following results in 3 double-blind placebo controlled randomized trials”

  • Addressing Muscle Atrophy: 40% more preservation of muscle in recovery
  • Return to Function: Improvement in returning to function vs. placebo
  • Inflammation: Improvement in post-operative inflammation levels vs. placebo

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