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Positive news to ease your mind

In the midst of all the concerning news stories in the media, we thought it would be a good time to spread some positivity and uplifting stories. We’ve collected 5 positive news stories – a little dose of good to give our minds a break from the worry.

“Another Corona story – I thought you said positive news…” Trust us, you’ll want to read this one. When sport events in Ohio were cancelled, this stadium sent their surplus of event food to the first responders and tornado victims in Nashville. Read this uplifting story about making the best of a difficult situation.

Watch this adorable moment where a little girl in Star Wars costume gets to meet her hero BB-8 in real life. We’re not sure what’s more heart-warming – the little girl, or the reaction of the Disney attendants! 

Dozens of blue whales have been spotted in Antarctica for the first time since whaling ban of the 1980s. Since the ban, decades of protection have allowed the endangered blue whale to bounce back considerably after losing 97% of the species. Read more:

Dozens of Blue Whales Spotted in Antarctica For the First Time Since 1980s Whaling Ban

Blake Leeper could become the first American (double) amputee to compete in the Olympics. He is appealing the World Athletics’ ruling that deems him ineligible for competing in the Olympics of 2020.

In Wales UK they started the largest-ever effort to save the carbon-reducing seagrass that might be able to help fight climate change. Read more about how this ‘Wonder Plant‘ could help


Have you come across any positive news the past days, don’t forget to share it with your peers and help spread the positivity!