Jag One Physical Therapy

Enhance your surgical recovery by pairing nutrition with your physical therapy

mend™ Repair & Recover - Pre and Post-Op Nutrition

Pair mend™ Repair & Recover with your physical therapy to help improve wound healing, shorten immobilization times, and increase muscle strength post surgeries.

mend™ Perform - Naturally Relieves Aches and Soreness

Physical therapy is necessary to get back to health. However muscle aches caused by inflammation sometimes makes moving let alone going to PT a struggle. mend™ Perform helps manage inflammation, relieve aches, and alleviate stiffness to help you start moving again.

mend™ Regenerate - Build Strength & Improve Performance​

Rebuilding muscle strength is an important milestone in your recovery. mend™ Regenerate has 33 nutrients designed to help strengthen muscles and heal bones and contains a digestive enzyme blend that will help you digest and absorb all of the nutrients.

mend™ is an evidence-based nutrition supplement company that is used by leading orthopedic hospitals, over 20 professional sports teams, the US military and special forces. We only use natural ingredients and manufacture at FDA, cGMP and NSF approved labs in the United States.

"Taking mend™ along with physical therapy has made my recovery from ACL surgery very successful."

Meera Tandon

Purchase your's today at your local JAG-ONE Clinic or online at mend.me. Use discount code JAGONE for 10% off your full purchase.