Upgraid™ by mend

A first-to-world platform for extending care delivery

The Upgraid™ digital health coaching and monitoring platform, integrated with evidence-based nutrapharma and food as medicine, extends the care delivery model beyond the clinical setting to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, reduce readmissions, reduce clinical staff workload and improve patient satisfaction. 


Our credential healthcare team utilize our SMS-based and AI-enabled digital care platform to help MDs and their care team to extend care beyond the hospital walls, allowing them to provide the care they wish they could with the limited bandwidth and resources they have. Remote monitoring triages critical questions that minimize patient concerns that result in calls to the MD’s office. Through the program, patients receive unapparelled hands-on coaching, guidance, support, and health & wellness monitoring by certified professionals such as nurses, PTs and registered dietitians.


The program is designed to fit effortlessly into your workflow without any disruption, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to implement.

Remote Patient Monitoring & Therapy

Utilizing a variety of smart devices such as smart watches, we can monitor key patient bios remotely and provide remote physical therapy.

RD Guided Nutrition Coaching

Our expert dietitians ensure patients are nutritionally optimized for any condition or care setting.

Nutrapharma & Food as Medicine

Patients will receive evidence-based clinical grade nutrition to target key pathways and enhance outcomes.

Nurse Guided 24/7 Care

Our experienced nurses provide hands on coaching, support and guidance, they are always an SMS message away.

Patient Data & Analytics

We generate data and analytics that generates new insights on how best to optimize outcomes and experience.

Care Pathway Navigation

Whether it's for pre and post op navigation or for management of chronic conditions, we deliver a best in class care pathway.

“The program gives me asynchronous data and insights that I did not have before. It has also reduced calls to the office and patients are happy.”

Dr. Andrew Wickline​


“We are excited to offer patients the Upgraid™ by mend platform as we believe this innovative program will extend our exceptional patient experience at Slocum”

Dr. Steven Shah


"The mend program is supported by strong science, checks a number of boxes and will allow us to enhance patient care and gather important data on outcomes."

Dr. Paul Peters


“Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive patient care with the respect, compassion, and one-on-one attention our patients deserve and are excited to offer Upgraid™ by mend to extend our dedication to the patient and to world-class care”

Andrew Plugge

Practice Administrator

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