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Beyond Pharmaceuticals-The NutraPharma Approach With Eziah Syed from Mend

Eziah decided to take action and founded his own firm to bridge the gap between healthcare and nutrition, aiming to provide better guidance and resources for those in need.

Fundraising Demystified

In this episode, we speak with Eziah Zaidi, the CEO of Mend Labs, a life sciences and digital health company on a mission to improve societal health and healthcare delivery. They've recently raised a $15MM Series A bringing their total capital raised to $20M.

Marni on the Move

Eziah Syed is the Co-Founder & CEO of mend™, a life sciences company that is passionate about bringing the power of healing to people everywhere. Operating at the intersection of nutrapharma and digital wellness, mend helps and enables people who want to repair, recover, and return to life faster and better.

Authentically Raw with Jamie Berris

As medicine advances, the US is seeing a decline in longevity. Physical disease is increasing as mental and emotional health and wellness is decreasing. Listen to this episode with Eziah Syed CEO and Cofounder of mend as we discuss prevention and human healing and the power of combining nature and science.

Conversations in Healing With Eziah Syed

When you’re tired of waiting for medical healing, what can you do? Eziah Syed knows firsthand that your body needs more nourishment than the baseline to heal after trauma. How can you connect with the people purchasing your products?

Leadership + Loyalty

So why are we so sick? To start, we trust doctors with our lives and those we love and care about. Yet, medical workers are vastly overworked and often must improve in certain care areas.

The Pain & Performance Podcast

Scientifically Hacking Part 1: Health, Healing, Pain, Nutrition, and Longevity. We'll dive into all the exact habits, technology and recommendations you can use to optimize health, healing and life!

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How to Recover From Surgery

Essential nutrients can help repair tissue and wound healing. Essential amino acid powders, specifically Mend Joint Replacement, have been shown to improve healing, reduce muscle loss and lead to fewer complications.

The New Paradigm for Reducing Inflammation and Accelerating Healing

Perform by mend™ is a potent blend of natural nutrition which promotes smoother, easier movement by naturally managing inflammation.

Mend Awarded Virtual Health Agreement with Premier Inc.

The new agreement allows Premier members to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Mend's integrated digital behavioral health and food as medicine platform for preoperative care and chronic condition management.

A Shared Belief in the Power of Natural Ingredients and a Passion for their Mission brought the mend Team Together

Everyone faces health challenges at some point in their lives, whether personally or with family members.

Sick and tired – How burnout is causing a dire shortage of healthcare workers in America

The old adage that’s often trotted out when someone quits their job, “No one is irreplaceable,” simply means that there’s always another to fill the vacated position.

How to Proactively Reduce Inflammation with Nature-Powered Nutrition

To appreciate how reducing inflammation can contribute to your overall health and wellness, you should first understand the science behind it.

Digital Care at its Finest: Hospitals Find Relief using Upgraid™ by mend for Extended Patient Care

Over the past three years, the healthcare industry has been losing its workers by the tens of thousands. Among the 47 million Americans who resigned from their jobs in 2021, there's a significant amount of health professionals to be found.