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Control Glucose

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Blood Sugar Levels

For moderating blood sugars to feel more balanced today and improve health long term.

100mg Calcium
50mg Magnesium
400mcg Chromium
Fully Organic
Clinically Proven



30 Day Supply

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Balanced energy and mood: regulate the sugar in your body, to stop the ups and downs caused by hidden sugars. Maintain steady sugar levels to stop cravings, feel fuller for longer, and reach your weight goal.

Control Glucose Usage Test


Felt their energy levels were more stable.


Noticed less cravings between meals.


Noticed lower sweet cravings.

Four-week study with 100 participants ages 21-65 (mixed gender and race composition), who used the product from 2-4 weeks,

Benefits of Control Glucose

For moderating blood sugars to balance energy and mood.

The Science Behind

Unlocking the Key to Stable Blood Sugar + Improved Health

Clinically Proven Ingredients

Chromium Blend

Crominex® 3+ Chromium, Capros® Amla Extract (Fruit), PrimaVie® Shilajit

Chromium is a critical micronutrient recognized for its important role in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism. Formulated with plant-based ingredients, we chose Crominex® because it is more bioavailable than other chromium supplements for the purpose of promoting normal cellular energy production.


MetaVive® Salacia Chinensis Extract (Fruit) and Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex Salacia is an herb that is known for its traditional use as a medicinal food supplement. Salacia also has been shown to have antioxidant properties and this extract is the most comprehensively studied Non-GMO Salacia. We chose MetaVive® for its enhanced bioavailability, in a proprietary blend with citrus bioflavonoids, high in antioxidants.

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