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Joint Replacement

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Joints + Muscles

For preventing muscle weakness after joint surgery
15g Amino Acids
10g Protein
50 Calories
Fully Organic
Clinically Proven

Flavor: Orange Mango


30 Day Guarantee

Get back on your feet sooner after joint replacement surgery. This targeted blend of nutrients protects your muscles after knee, shoulder, and keyhole surgery to speed up recovery.

Benefits of Joint Replacement

For preventing muscle weakness after joint surgery.

Recommended by physicians
Increases muscle satellite cells which are required for muscle repair
Improve functional recovery & accelerate return to activities of daily living
Preserve muscle volume

Behind the Science

A trusted formula backed by science + research.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

EAA Supplementation

An essential branched-chain amino acid that promotes protein synthesis + glucose uptake.


Amino acid that works with isoleucine + leucine to promote growth, repair tissue + provide muscle energy.


Amino acid obtained from dietary sources; a proteinogenic amino acids, helping to synthesize proteins.

How to Use Joint Replacement

Mix 1 scoop with with water, juice, your favorite smoothie or added to food like yogurt.

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