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Carb Ready

Optimize surgical recovery + outcomes*

Clear Carbohydrate Drink Mix



Contains complex carbohydrates (50 g per serving), as recommended by the American Society for Enhanced Recovery (ASER) guidelines.

Provides Energy

Reduces Nausea

Reduces Hunger, Thirst + Anxiety

Reduces Postoperative Complications

Benefits of Carb Ready

Help prepare your body for surgery to optimize your recovery. 

Optimize surgical recovery + outcomes*
Reduce hunger, thirst, and anxiety
Provide energy for a speedy recovery
Reduce nausea after surgery
*when used as directed by your doctor

Why we created Carb Ready

“There is strong evidence that shows carbohydrate loading before surgery has been found to decrease insulin resistance, decrease nausea and vomiting, optimize glucose control and improve patient wellbeing post operatively. Carb Ready is an easy solution to carb load safely and aligns with the ASER guidelines”

Kim Biedermann, Ph.D.

Mend Chief Science Officer

How to Take

Dosing recommended by the American Society of Enhanced Recovery (ACER)