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World’s first clinical nutrition portfolio supported by well-controlled safety + outcome studies.

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Clinically Focused Product Portfolio

Mend™ has invested in multiple third-party and user-reported clinical trials to show the importance and efficacy of our products.

Third Party Tested

Clinically Studied

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Mechanism of Action

“Our strategy was to create 'Nutrapharma,' ensuring our ingredients and products are safe and effective. Published in peer-reviewed journals, our studies reflect our collaboration with top universities and research institutions, providing the most comprehensive evidence on the market.”

Kim Biedermann, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer at Mend Nutrition

Our Scientific Approach

Identify Needs 1

Monitoring the latest research and working with our ecosystem to identify new and emerging needs.

Develop Solutions 2

Working with our network of advisors, partners, and clients, to develop novel targeted solutions.

Validate Through Clinical Trials 3

Putting our solutions through multiple double blind randomized trials to validate safety and efficacy.

Research Studies

Clinical Results + Research-Backed Formulas

Control Glucose
Repair & Recover: Daily

mend™ Joint Replacement has been shown in 3 double-blind placebo controlled randomized trials to preserve muscle and improve return to function after surgery.

40% more preservation of muscle vs. placebo
Improvement in return of function vs. placebo
Improvement in post-operative inflammatory environment vs. placebo
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This potent nature-powered formula optimizes the sugar levels in your body. It stops the spikes and crashes caused by processed food and hidden sugars, helping to balance your mood and energy.

Stabilized and Improved Energy Levels
Magnesium for Blood Sugar Regulation
Stop cravings, feel fuller for longer, and reach your weight goal.
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Fuel your body to get well sooner after surgery, injury, and the strain of intense exercise.

Helping healing: stronger, faster comebacks from accidents, injuries, and surgery.†
Faster recovery: get your body back to peak condition after the strain of intense exercise.†
Reduce Inflammation
Shop Repair & Recover: Daily

Whether it’s intense exercise or daily wear and tear, this complex blend of 33 nature-powered nutrients puts back in to your body what life takes out.

Clinically proven, for muscle strength, healthy aging, and active lifestyles.
Boost bone and muscle strength, heal everyday wear and tear, and support gut health.
Bounce back from intense exercise sooner, with more energy to perform at your best for longer.
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Our Scientific Advisory Board

Our healing products are designed by leading experts.

Paul Wischmeyer MD, EDIC, FASPEN, FCCM

Advises on the formulation of perioperative and human performance nutrition

Hans Dreyer PhD, PT

Inventor of Joint Replacement + actively engaged in mechanistic trials for Repair & Recovery Surgery

Jenn Randazzo RD

Leader in the natural products + supplements industry

Douglas Jacoby, MD

Advises on the formulation of Heart Health

Vinod Dasa, MD

Advises on the role of mend orthopedic-related products within the framework of value-based care

Robert Marx, MD

Advises on translation of mend orthopedic-related products into practice

Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA

Advises on use of targeted nutrition supplements in orthopedic trauma, hospitals, + health systems

Andrew Wickline, MD

Advises on the adult reconstruction care pathways for the Upgraid digital health program

Medical Partners

Healing that benefits both patient + practitioner.

Medical Partners

Our Research Partners

Interested in partnering on research? Contact research@mend.me

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