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Sports Recovery Package

Tissue Healing + Energy Recovery

Repair + Recover Surgery, Daily + Carb Ready*

Recuses Nausea + Anxiety
Accelerates Wound Healing
1.5g HMB
16g Protein
18g Leucine
18g Glutamine
18g Arginine + Citrulline


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After sports injury surgery, getting back to peak performance is crucial. Your body's stress, fatigue, and muscle loss need targeted nutrition for optimal recovery. Scientific evidence supports specific nutrients in speeding healing, ensuring you fully recover and get back to your top athletic shape.

Natural-First Approach

Clinically Studied

Third Party Tested

Highest Bioavailability

What's Included

Repair & Recover: Daily

Repair & Recover: Daily

Get Back On Track

Recommended use: 1x daily: Begin as soon as you receive it.

Clinically Studied
Medical Food Repair & Recover: Surgery

Medical Food Repair & Recover: Surgery

Surgical Healing

Recommended Use: Twice daily between meal at least 1 week prior to planned surgery + continue for 3 weeks post surgery.

Clinically Studied
Carb Ready

Carb Ready

Surgery Prep

Recommended: Drink 2 servings the night before surgery and 1 serving 2-4 hours before.

Clinically Studied

Medical Food Repair & Recover: Surgery

Surgery Prep1

Help tissue, wounds, + bones heal.

This targeted blend of nutrients provides protein, amino acids, and key vitamins that help repair tissue, heal surgical site wounds, support bone health, and aid in the body’s immune response. Repair & Recover Surgery Medical Food also helps preserve muscle function during bedrest, enhancing overall recovery after surgery or major tissue injury.

Carb Ready

Surgery Prep2

Optimize surgical recovery + outcomes*

Enriched with 50g of complex carbohydrates, this drink is designed to reduce hunger, thirst, and anxiety while providing energy for a speedy recovery.

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