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Professional Investors & Leading Surgeons Invest in Life Sciences Startup MEND

Company secures funding to accelerate growth and to fund research and development for medical foods and clinical nutrition

New York, NY — MEND (, a life sciences company, announced today that it has secured seed funding to help accelerate growth and to fund research with leading universities, hospitals and medical practices. Seasoned investors will be joined by a dozen surgeons.

“We’re thrilled with the caliber of our investors and the composition of this round” says Founder and CEO Eziah Syed, “very experienced professional investors will be joined by numerous surgeons and we believe this is the ultimate vote of confidence for our mission and the brand we are building.”

MEND’s client base is comprised of:

  • 30+ professional sports teams across all major leagues
  • Several branches of the elite forces of the US Military
  • Leading MDs and hospitals across orthopedics, geriatrics, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy and general medicine.

“Our vision for the brand and our mission is to help people heal and live their healthiest is expansive,” says Syed, “we are starting our mission in medical foods and clinical nutrition and are laying the groundwork for future ambitions. 2019 is all about scaling our current product and continuing to advance our clinical research in new areas.”

Investing in the round and increasing his stake in the company is Dr. Ralph Venuto of Newport Beach, an orthopedic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience. “I continue to be impressed with MEND’s products and the company’s mission and purpose” says Venuto, “targeted nutritional strategies are now becoming an essential part of orthopedic care – our patients are having better outcomes when taking MEND.”

MEND is conducting research with some of the world’s leading hospitals and research universities to develop clinically proven products that can enhance patient outcomes. “We’ve focused on science, innovation and quality and we think the caliber of our clients and research partnerships speaks to this emphasis”, says Syed, “ we are excited to tell the world about MEND.”