AthleteHub Chooses MEND as Nutrition Partner


AthleteHub Chooses MEND as Nutrition Partner

Eziah Syed

MEND Nutrition Inc., a clinical nutrition company located in BioLabs@NYULangone in New York City, announces that it is partnering with AthleteHub, a leading community network helping athletes and teams excel.

As the adoption of MEND’s clinical nutrition products continues to grow in sports and medicine, the company has partnered with AthleteHub to make its products available to the AthleteHub network. “We’re impressed with AthleteHub’s approach to building and supporting a community of elite and amateur athletes,” says MEND founder and CEO Eziah Syed. “They have a compelling vision and a number of sports legends involved in the development of this new platform – we’re looking forward to being a part of their suite of offerings to athletes.”

Sports teams, hospitals, orthopedic doctors and physical therapists are increasingly utilizing MEND to improve performance and recovery. MEND has been investing heavily in research and randomized studies focused on evidence-based clinical nutrition for athletes to heal and recover from injury and to improve athletic performance.

“MEND’s science, and the caliber of medical and professional sports clients stands out” says Candice Parks, CEO of AthleteHub. “We are curating the best of the best solutions to help athletes to take their performance to the next level and with our MEND program, we’re going to enhance access to one of the world’s top nutrition brands.”