Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Partners With MEND

Eziah Syed

Nutrition For Healing (NFH) announced today that Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (Beach Cities), a busy sports medicine practice in Organge County has adopted MEND to complement their surgery and healing protocol. The relationship with Beach Cities was established by NFH’s medical distribution partner MDGenesis LLC.

Beach Cities, founded in 2008, prides itself by offering affordable, high-level healthcare in a state of the art facility, providing everything from in-office Physical Therapy to MRI at their office location.

In Torrance facility, they operate a 15,000 sq. ft. health and wellness center which was created specifically to provide the highest level of comprehensive care with a focus on returning patients back to full health. Services provided include nutrition counseling, sports performance analysis, weight management, concierge medicine, executive health programs and the BCO Lab, a program designed specifically to focus on optimizing healing and recovery for their patients.

“With our commitment to treating our patients as a whole person while addressing their medical condition, MEND is a natural fit for our practice. We are pleased to incorporate scientifically valid medical nutrition focused specifically on maximum recovery and healing to our patients” states Brad Thomas, MD, President/Owner of Beach Cities. “We have already seen significant results with our patients and staff, and are very pleased with the outcomes.”

Nutrition For Healing, the manufacturer of MEND, is a leading provider of functional and medical nutrition products. The company’s first two products, MEND Orthopedic and MEND Regenerate, have a fast growing following in medical communities. From professional sports teams to the leading orthopedic surgeons, MEND is being adopted by the most demanding customers worldwide.

“We are honored to have been chosen by Dr. Thomas and his team as their medical nutrition partner” says Ken Roycroft, Science Advisory Board Member. “Beach Cities is an innovator in patient care and it’s no mystery to us why they are a leading medical facility. We’re very excited to partner with them to bring our medical nutrition products to their patients.”