BetterPT™ Partners With MEND™


BetterPT™ Partners With MEND™

Eziah Syed

MEND selected to be exclusive clinical nutrition partner for the fast growing specialized digital marketplace for Physical Therapy and Orthopedics

MEND Nutrition Inc., a clinical nutrition company located in BioLabs@NYULangone in New York City, announced today that it has partnered with BetterPT, a healthcare technology platform company renowned for providing end-to-end digital connectivity between physical therapists (PT), patients and physicians. 

As the adoption of MEND’s clinical nutrition products continues to grow in orthopedics by leading hospitals, the company has begun working with national physical therapy practices. “We’re impressed with BetterPTs approach, their reach and the rapid growth of their Better Telehealth platform” says MEND founder and CEO Eziah Syed, “now more than ever we’re understanding the enormous potential of telehealth and the need to bring evidence based nutrition into medicine.”

Physical therapists are increasingly utilizing MEND as a clinical tool to support patient healing and outcomes. The American Physical Therapy Association has recognized the importance of nutrition in enhancing patient outcomes and put nutrition into scope of practice. MEND has been investing heavily in research and randomized studies focused on clinical nutrition for orthopedics and solutions that make it easy for orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to utilize in practice.

“We’re impressed with MEND’s science, the caliber of their hospital partners and fully support the mission to bring evidence based nutrition into orthopedics and physical therapy” says BetterPT CEO Greg Peters. “We’re proud to make MEND our exclusive clinical nutrition brand and help get it to more and more clinicians and patients to help improve outcomes and well-being.”

About MEND

Founded and headquartered in New York City, MEND is a life sciences company with a mission to help people heal and live their healthiest. The company is currently researching and developing targeted clinical nutrition products to enhance patient outcomes, from injury and surgery, to aging and physical performance. MEND has been adopted by numerous hospitals, health systems, professional sports teams across all major leagues and the elite forces of the US Military. For more information, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About BetterPT

BetterPT™ is a healthcare technology platform company, committed to transforming patient access and experience with healthcare services by providing end-to-end digital connectivity between physicians, physical therapists (PTs) and patients. Partnering with the world leader in musculoskeletal health, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), BetterPT is the fastest growing specialized physical therapy marketplace in the U.S. Patients can find clinics in their local area that best fit their needs and accept their insurance and immediately request an appointment – all with just a few clicks, while BetterPT’s inbound patient management (IPM) solution offers a number of operations efficiencies to clinics. With its interoperable, HIPAA compliant telehealth and EMR compatibility, BetterPT enables patients greater access to PT, an important and oftentimes overlooked part of clinical rehabilitation and preventive care. Its unique marketplace model has potential to continue expansion across the larger healthcare landscape to help advance connectivity between other kinds of patients and providers, too. For more information, please visit or follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.