Dr. Rogers Integrative Medicine Centers, located in San Antonio, Texas Newest MEND Partner

Eziah Syed

Leading Texas based integrative medicine center adds award winning MEND functional medical nutrition to its protocol for patients

Nutrition For Healing (NFH) announced today that it has partnered with Dr. Rogers Centers, a leading integrative medicine facility based in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Rogers has incorporated MEND into their patient protocols at their two busy locations.

The integrative facility at Dr. Rogers offers everything from primary care and hormone therapy to MedSpa, PRP rejuvenation, to fitness and Nutrition. The founder, Dr. Tamyra Rogers is a practicing member of the ASBP, and has been named as one of San Antonio’s Top Doctors. Dr. Rogers has recently received national attention by being named one of Americas Top Physicians in Internal Medicine and Bariatrics by the Consumer Research Council.

“We’re continuing to add the highest caliber orthopedic and integrative medicine doctors to our MEND program” says science board member Ken Roycroft, “Dr. Rogers is highly regarded and recognized physician and we’re thrilled that she has incorporated MEND into our patient protocol.”

Nutrition For Healing, the manufacturer of MEND, is a leading provider of functional and medical nutrition products. The company’s first two award winning products, MEND Repair & Recover (top sports nutrition product) and MEND Regenerate (anti-aging product of the year), have a fast growing following. From professional sports teams to the leading orthopedic surgeons, MEND is being adopted by the most demanding customers worldwide.