East Sydney Private Hospital Leads with mend™ Clinical Nutrition Platform


East Sydney Private Hospital Leads with mend™ Clinical Nutrition Platform

Kathryn Smart

Leading hospital partners with mend™ to bring evidence-based clinical nutrition into patient care

November 9, 2021 – mend™ today announces that it has partnered with leading value-based hospital East Sydney Private Hospital (ESPH) in Australia to integrate evidence-based clinical nutrition into patient care pathways to enhance outcomes. 

Medical providers are increasingly utilizing multi-modal care models to treat patients more holistically with evidence-based solutions. Many studies have shown that a patient’s nutritional status is highly correlated with the quality of the outcomes. ESPH will be emphasizing nutritional optimization and will be utilizing the best-in-class mend™ product suite across orthopedics,  plastic and reconstructive surgery and wellness/prevention. This approach aims to enhance outcomes, reduce complications, enhance patient experience and ultimately  reduce overall costs. 

Going beyond the acute care episode, the hospital has identified nutrition as a strategy to help patients improve their overall health status and support their post-surgical recovery. “At East Sydney Private Hospital, our Doctors work as a multi-disciplinary team, collectively, it was recognized that patients are looking for ways that they can support their post-surgery recovery, we know that nutrition plays a vital role. We are thrilled to be able to empower our patients with access to quality nutritional support” states East Sydney Private Hospital CEO Dane Browne.

mend™ has developed a portfolio of evidence-based clinical nutrition products that are being utilized extensively by hospitals in the United States and increasingly across the globe. The portfolio includes perioperative solutions as well and chronic condition prevention solutions that are backed by strong evidentiary data and published randomized trials. The portfolio of products is becoming an essential toolkit in the value-based care model. “Adoption by a market leader like East Sydney is yet another indicator of just how important targeted clinical nutrition is becoming in hospital care models” says mend™ Australia CEO Goran Petrovic, “we are thrilled that East Sydney has taken a leadership stance in this new domain and chosen mend™ as their clinical nutrition partner.”

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About mend™
mend™ is a life sciences and biotechnology company that harnesses the power of nature to supercharge health and healing for every body. Our nature-powered supplements are clinically-proven and recognized by the medical community to be effective in accelerating repair, recovery, and improving key risk factors that contribute to chronic conditions. mend™ works with leading hospitals and universities on developing evidence-based clinical nutrition products to enhance patient outcomes. Which is why we’re such a hit with high-impact individuals in sports, the military, and anyone living an active life. We are committed to educating the world about the power of natural ingredients as a complement to medical treatment. We make it easy for people to use nature to power themselves back to health. And to stay healthy on the daily. For more information, contact: info@mend.me or visit our website at mend.me.

About East Sydney Private Hospital
East Sydney Private Hospital is a modern short stay hospital located in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. It was established in 2014 and offers five operating theatres, 32 beds and a close observation unit, and diagnostic services. The hospital’s Board, shareholders and management team comprises doctors and other health industry professionals. The hospital provides other services including ophthalmology, ENT, spinal surgery, OralMax surgery, general surgery and plastic surgery as well as orthopaedics.