From Client to Investor


From Client to Investor

Eziah Syed

Welcoming Dr. Anil Shah to the MEND Family

There is perhaps no bigger honor for a start-up company than to have a client become an investor. When a client risks his or her own money to become an owner, it is the ultimate validation of the company’s mission and product(s). MEND has been very fortunate to have more than fifteen MD clients invest in the firm and as the latest, we’d like to welcome acclaimed Chicago based cosmetic surgeon and owner of Shah Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Anil Shah ( 

Dr. Shah, MD FACS, has published more than 50 scientific articles in facial plastic surgery, including 3 landmark seminal ones, has been recognized in the Marquis Who’s Who in America and Best Doctors in America and in the World. Dr. Shah is also the host of “Masters of Beauty”, a fast growing podcast in the cosmetic surgery industry.

From MEND CEO, Eziah Syed:MDs are perhaps the most discerning clients out there as they are trained in the scientific method and are critical, analytical thinkers. They are not easily convinced and need to see the evidence. Dr. Shah implemented MEND after reviewing the science and his peers feedback, and over time as he has seen the compelling results in his patient outcomes and their affinity for MEND, his initial intrigue and interest has turned to complete belief and support. Proof is in the pudding as they say and we’re thrilled to have another very high caliber MD join the MEND family.