Kramer Orthopedics Announced as Newest MEND Physician Partner

Eziah Syed

Leading Newport Beach based orthopedic and sports medicine practice adds award winning MEND functional medical nutrition to its surgery protocol

Nutrition For Healing (NFH) announced today that it has partnered with Kramer Orthopedics, a busy orthopedic and sports medicine facility based in Newport Beach, California.

Kramer Orthopedics has incorporated MEND into their protocols to improve patient outcomes from surgical procedures and to address sarcopenia – the degenerative loss skeletal muscle mass, quality and strength associated with aging. This physician partner relationship was established by NFH’s medical distribution partner MDgenesis LLC.

The leading sports medicine practice prides itself on providing the highest quality of care while specializing in working with sports enthusiasts ranging from the expert athlete to the weekend warrior.  The partners in the practice are athletes themselves and have extensive experience working with professional athletes from a variety of sports. The highly experienced surgeons and their staff work as a team to obtain a common goal, which is to provide quality care so that patients of all ages may resume an active and healthy lifestyle.

“We are very pleased that a sports medicine practice the caliber of Kramer has added MEND to their surgery protocol” says science board member Ken Roycroft, “the continuing adoption of our products by the most demanding medical professionals provides strong validation for the role of MEND in supporting optimal surgical outcomes.”

Nutrition For Healing, the manufacturer of MEND, is a leading provider of functional and medical nutrition products. The company’s first two award winning products, MEND Repair & Recover (top sports nutrition product) and MEND Regenerate (anti-aging product of the year), have a fast growing following. From professional sports teams to the leading orthopedic surgeons, MEND is being adopted by the most demanding customers worldwide.