MEND™ Partners With Clineage™


MEND™ Partners With Clineage™

Eziah Syed

MEND will utilize the next generation cloud platform for the execution and management of its growing portfolio of clinical studies

We’re excited to partner with Clineage ( and use this platform to manage our clinical trials. MEND is committed to investing in science and research and we have a growing number of clinical trials advancing. We’re always on the lookout for tools and technologies to improve the scientific rigor, safety, efficiency and quality of our studies.

Clineage is a full-service modular platform that enables the execution and management of clinical trials. The solution engages with patients lowering the burden on providing information while enhancing the investigators’ access to quality data.

From clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA and ePRO) to eConsent, patient engagement and wearables and sensors, Clineage offers a robust set of features that makes it more efficient to manage clinical studies.