MEND partners with Dr. Matt Barber of Alabama Orthopedic Clinic


MEND partners with Dr. Matt Barber of Alabama Orthopedic Clinic

Eziah Syed

NEW YORK, December 6, 2018 – MEND™ announced today it has signed a physician partner agreement with Dr. Matthew Barber of Alabama Orthopedic Clinic.

Alabama Orthopedic Clinic is a leading orthopedic practice in Mobile Alabama with 20 physicians providing services ranging from surgery to therapy to treat all manner of musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions utilizing the latest techniques and technologies.

Dr. Barber is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in all aspects of joint replacement surgery of the knee and hip. His commitment to the field of arthroplasty has led him to continue to embrace the latest advancements such as custom implants, robotics and computer navigation resulting in improved patient outcomes in his practice. Due to his approach and reputation, Dr. Barber is sought out by patients throughout the Southeast region of the US.

“With our commitment to continuous education and using the latest technologies and approaches to treat our patients, we knew that evidence-based nutrition would one day play an important role in improving patient outcomes”, says Dr. Barber. “the clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of MEND Joint Replacement is strong and we are excited to introduce this solution to arthroplasty patients to enhance their recovery and get them back to strength and mobility faster.”

One of the significant rehabilitation concerns with joint placement surgery is the muscle atrophy that can occur in the operated limb, which can create persistent weakness and delay return of function. MEND Joint Replacement was developed based on multiple randomized clinical trials demonstrating the benefits of essential amino acid (EAA) supplementation in supporting recovery from joint replacement surgery.

“We are honored to support Dr. Barber and his team as they continue to advance patient care in their world class practice” says Ken Roycroft, VP Product Business Development at MEND. “Dr. Barber and his team are committed to using the latest scientific advancements to improve patient outcomes and we are excited to make MEND available to their patients.”