MEND™ Orthopedic for Injury/Surgery Signed to Medical Distribution Agreement


MEND™ Orthopedic for Injury/Surgery Signed to Medical Distribution Agreement

Eziah Syed

Nutrition For Healing® LLC today announces that MEND™, an all-natural nutrient rich regenerative dietary supplement formulated to support enhance healing from musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries, will begin distribution with MDgenesis LLC, a supplier of integrative medical products to Orthopedic Surgeons.  As a part of the agreement, MEND will be incorporated into the pre and post surgery and tissue repair protocols on their patient portal MDgenesis will also be introducing MEND to 300+ orthopedic surgeons throughout the Western states region and within the state of California.  This agreement follows on the heels of a recently signed global distribution deal with North American Naturals.

MEND was selected by MDgenesis LLC after carefully reviewing numerous nutritional supplement products in the injury/surgery segment – a new and fast growing space in the supplement industry.  “We considered developing our own tissue repair product but love the MEND formulation and their brand” saysKen Roycroft, chief executive officer of the company. “regenerative nutrition is critical for supporting healing and we are very pleased to incorporate MEND into our overall surgery program for our physicians and their patients.”

Nutrition For Healing® was founded by world leading medical and nutrition experts who share a common philosophy on the critical importance of nutrition in healing following injury or trauma.  Nutritional building blocks are utilized by the body to repair damaged tissue and enhance the healing process. Recent studies have shown a strong link between improved recovery following injury/surgery and nutritional supplementation.

“Recognition and demand by the medical establishment continues to grow” says co-founderReja Sabet, “the Physicians and Surgeons have seen the overwhelmingly positive feedback and response from patients and beginning to understand that patients see nutritional support as a critical part of their recovery program.  This is validated by our research which shows that 70% of consumers would take MEND to support their healing.”

MEND™ has been available directly through Nutrition For Healing and through numerous medical and wellness practices.  The company recently began selling MEND through Amazon and has seen very strong traction in this channel.  The fast growing company is working on line extensions and will be introducing two new versions of MEND in 2015.