MEND™ Supplement for Injury/Surgery Signed to Global Distribution Deals

Eziah Syed

Nutrition For Healing® LLC today announces that MEND™, a nutrient dense dietary supplement formulated to enhance healing from musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries, will begin global distribution in 2015.  Launched in 2014 through leadingNew York Citybased medical practices, MEND has continued to gain rapid traction and interest from both consumers and medical professionals.

Nutrition For Healing® has recently executed global distribution deals with a few distributors to take MEND toCanada,Eastern Europeand the Middle East.  “We believe the market in theMiddle Eastwill be very strong” says Majid Kohan CEO of North American Naturals, “there is a shift occurring towards supplements and natural products in this market and it is ripe for a product like MEND™.

Nutrition For Healing® was founded by world leading medical and nutrition experts who share a common philosophy on the critical importance of nutrition in healing following injury or trauma.  Nutritional building blocks are utilized by the body to repair damaged tissue and enhance the healing process.    Recent studies have shown a strong link between improved recovery following injury/surgery and nutritional supplementation.

“We recruited the world’s top experts and set out to develop a product that we could stand behind” says physical therapist and co-founderSheraz Syed, “a marketing study we conducted of 400 national consumers indicated that more than 65% of the market has a strong interest in nutritional supplement support for injury/surgery.  This research has been validated by the demand for MEND™.”

MEND™ has been available directly through Nutrition For Healing and through medical practices.  The company has begun to expand its US distribution channels selling in wellness facilities, pharmacies and through online retailers such as Amazon.  “We initially took a more targeted approach to distribution but quickly realized that the demand is much broader and warrants expansion into more mass market channels”, says co-founderWhitney Stevens, “for example we have customers like UCLA Medical Center Physical Therapist Ellen Towles, at 54 and training for Ironman, she is taking MEND daily as a part of her nutritional regimen.  And we have customers likeSteven and Anne Raider, business professionals inNew Yorkwho take MEND™ daily for musculoskeletal maintenance and general wellness.”

The fast growing company has also attracted additional world class experts to its advisory team:Heidi Skolnik, a globally recognized expert and leading authority in nutrition will join the scientific advisory team, andMeena Mansharamani, highly acclaimed CPG business leader, who is the former head of innovation at Pepsico and recently GM of Materne North America, responsible for GoGo squeeZ’s phenomenal growth, will join the business advisory team.  “I found the vision for MEND™ to be very compelling and something that I can get fully behind” saysMeena Mansharamani, “we have our sights on building this into a global brand focused on nutrition and healing.”