New Nutrition Supplement Geared Towards Healing Post Injury/Surgery Quickly Gains Recognition Amongst Leading Medical Professionals & Patients

Eziah Syed

Targeted approach to aid in post-injury healing creates an entirely new category in the $30 billion fast-growing domestic nutrition supplement marketplace

Nutrition For Healing® LLC today announces that MEND™, a nutrient dense specialty medical dietary supplement designed to aid healing from musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries, is now available through leading medical facilities in New York City and will be nationwide by the end of 2014.

“Our goal is to create a shift in thinking where patients have nutrition at the top of their minds after injury/surgery” says top Immunologist Jackie Eghrari-Sabet MD, “and to make it convenient to obtain the key nutrients that the body needs to effectively fuel the mechanisms for healing.”

Nutrition For Healing® was founded by leading medical and nutrition experts who share a common philosophy on the critical importance of nutrition in healing following injury or trauma.  Nutritional building blocks are utilized by the body to repair damaged tissue and enhance the healing process.   Recent studies have shown a link between improved recovery following injury/surgery and nutrition.   For instance, after a critical study of the scientific literature, the International Society of Sports Nutrition issued a formal opinion on HMB, a key amino acid in MEND™, stating that it can be used to enhance recovery from skeletal muscle damage.   Furthermore, a 2013 clinical study of knee-replacement patients demonstrated that amino acids can significantly speed up and enhance recovery.   “Post injury or surgical trauma, the body needs optimal conditions for healing”, says Robert MarxMD, renowned orthopedic surgeon and professor of Orthopedic Surgery.  “Even after minor surgery tissues must heal, and maximizing the intake of important nutrients is critical to facilitate that healing.”

MEND™ is a specific combination of natural anti-inflammatories, amino acids, minerals and vitamins which are proven to aid traumatized tissue.   “It’s a fallacy that rest and ice alone is what your body needs to repair itself” states physical therapist Sheraz Syed.  “I suffered massive injuries from an 80-foot fall and had several invasive surgeries to repair my body.  Nutrition was a key component of my healing regimen and was essential to allowing me to make a fast and full recovery.  I advise all my patients to pay attention to nutrition.”

With the first product focused on the orthopedic space, MEND™ addresses a need for a very large audience as there are more than 40 million annual visits to physicians for musculoskeletal injuries.  And with a large aging boomer population who have a high rate of injury and slower recovery times, the need for MEND™ will only increase.  “Our medical partners immediately recognized the importance of nutrition in healing” says leading scientist and professor of botanical medicine Dr. Kevin Spelman, “and we’ve had numerous cases of people of all ages benefiting from MEND for a wider variety of injuries, including ACL tears and broken bones.”