Welcome Mackie Shilstone


Welcome Mackie Shilstone

Eziah Syed

We’re excited to have acclaimed trainer and coach Mackie Shilstone join our science team to help drive future products and solutions for both the medical and sports markets. Mackie is a thought leader who has worked with some of the most elite clients in the world, including the lifelong coach for Serena Williams.

Mackie training Linda Hamilton

Mackie learned of MEND through his US Special Forces clients and has selected us as one of the few select brands that he recommends to clients. Being recognized and selected by someone of his caliber is a testament to our science and quality. Working with Mackie and other leaders on our science team, we will continue to advance research to develop superior solutions for healing/recovery and human performance.

Mackie Shilstone, MA, MBA, Advisory Board, Department of Kinesiology, Tulane University School of Professional Development

For more than 4 decades, Mackie has been at the forefront of sports performance, fitness wellness. He has been the fitness coach for over 3000 elite athletes, like Serena Williams – volunteering with members of the U.S. Army Special Operation Command, and helping many everyday people through his various hospital-affiliated sports performance and wellness programs, to find their path to better health and performance. Mackie has authored seven books on wellness topics, is a former columnist for the Washington Post, numerous other media outlets, and has a weekly television segment for the CBS affiliate in New Orleans. Mackie has had a positive impact on all areas of the wellness and performance continuum.