Our Story

A group driven by personal experiences and modern science.

Life happens and so does the daily wear and tear that comes with living. We all go through some health challenges in our lives. Whether personally or with family members, we have to deal with pains and frustrations associated with the healing process, including our mend™ founders. 

We realized that our personal experiences have served to expose the gaps in our healthcare system, and help identify areas we wanted to impact and improve. 

At mend, we realize we’re all in this together. Any breakthroughs in healing we bring forth will benefit everyone, everywhere. We believe in the power of healing and in making it available to people who want to repair, recover, and return to life faster and better.

Live life mindfully. Live life mendfully.


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Bridging the gap between the natural world and mainstream medicine.

Based in Science

Our science team identifies the most bioavailable sources and leading research for every ingredient carefully formulated for each product.

Powered by Nature

We bring you a natural first approach to healing and living well through nutrition.

Trusted by Physicians

Leading hospitals and doctors agree that mend™ is critical to patient care.

Made for Every Body

Our products are life ready, kind to your body, and dovetail with your busy life.