Born to Run: Running Injuries and Nutrition


Born to Run: Running Injuries and Nutrition

Eziah Syed

If you’re a runner, you know that there are very few other experiences in life that are as enjoyable.  When you get into that zone where strides feel effortless and the pulsating sounds of music from your ear buds takes you to higher and higher states of euphoria.    It’s that runner’s high, where the pre-frontal and limbic regions of our brain spew out endorphins and leave us in a state of bliss.

If you’ve experienced the runner’s high, there’s a good chance that you’ve become addicted to running and view it as an essential part of your well-being.   Not only because of its meditative quality but because of the health benefits you know are accruing each time you run.  A delicious investment in mind and body.

While running undoubtedly has many health benefits, there are also health risks.  Running places considerable demands on a person’s bones and joints – as the foot strikes the ground, the forces borne by the bones and joints of the leg can reach six times the person’s body weight.   And while under this stress, the joints must move efficiently against each other, virtually free of friction.  Repetitive stress can lead to stress fractures and dreaded osteoarthritis.

If you’re an avid runner, the prospect of not being able to run at all for the remainder of your life feels like a death sentence.  But not being able to run is exactly what can happen if you’re not disciplined about taking care of your body and taking the necessary precautions to avoid injury.

Most experts agree that to lower injury risk, you need a strong body, good form and the right shoes.  We are generally aware that stretching, warming up and hydration are also important.  But what we don’t often consider is the role of nutrition.

The repetitive stress from running causes micro tears in our soft and hard tissue and inflammation.  With the right nutritional support and the right amount of rest, the inflammation subsides and the micro tears leads to the building of new tissue.  This can lead to a virtuous cycle of increasing strength tissue / joint health.  Without the right nutritional support or rest, the damage in inflammation can become chronic and lead to serious injury and deterioration.  And this is the vicious cycle every runner wants to avoid.

Many of the pre and post run nutrition drinks, while good for helping with hydration and replenishing electrolytes, are completely lacking in nutrients for tissue health.  Nutrients such as key amino acids to help repair and build tissue and natural anti-inflammatories to help reduce inflammation.  MEND Repair & Recover was created specifically this type of repetitive stress and tissue repair in mind.  It is being adopted by professional athletes and pro sports teams who are increasingly recognizing the importance of nutritional support for tissue repair and recovery.

If you love running, take care of your body and take the necessary precautions to avoid injury advised by both medical professionals and athletes alike.  MEND Repair & Recover is available through doctors and other healthcare professionals.