MEND and Twig Health Advance First-to-World Digitally Powered Clinical Nutrition Platform


MEND and Twig Health Advance First-to-World Digitally Powered Clinical Nutrition Platform

Eziah Syed

Game changing evidence-based clinical nutrition program plus AI powered behavioral support to be piloted with major health system and surgeons

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2021 – MEND Nutrition Inc. (MEND) today announced that following successful pilots, it is advancing to the next phase of development with Twig Health (Twig), to create the world’s first evidence-based clinical nutrition platform supported by an AI powered digital behavioral support system. Joining the next phase of pilots will be a soon to be named major, top-ranked health system and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Wickline, one of NY State’s leading orthopedic surgeons by volume and low complication rates. The clinical pilot will focus on enhancing outcomes and improved health in the total joint arthroplasty population.

The new digitally powered clinical nutrition program offers a personalized journey for surgical patients that pairs MEND’s clinical nutrition products with AI-Powered, digital-first 1×1 coaching, remote patient monitoring and behavioral support. The new program offers a unique combination of nutrition science powered by HIGH-TECH plus HIGH-TOUCH. 

Millions of patients each year are opting to have joint replacement surgery. A very significant proportion of these patients have multiple chronic conditions, which can lead to inferior outcomes, complications and downstream challenges. “What we’re bringing to these patient populations is an entirely new modality” says MEND President Helene Rutledge, “Mend’s products, which have been proven in multiple randomized trials to enhance outcomes, are paired with a proven digital adjunct therapy that provides 1×1 coaching and behavioral support to increase compliance and go beyond the episode of care to improve long-term health. The early data on engagement and client satisfaction has been exceptional and we’re now eager to test this with our clinical partners.”

Dr. Amir Kishon, CEO of Twig Health adds, “The joint MEND+TWIG program is digital therapeutics meets clinical nutrition. Patient engagement and adherence in pre and post-acute care has been an ongoing challenge. The right nutrition, coaching relationships and AI-Powered digital support programs have been known to offer the strongest patient engagement results, MEND+TWIG simply connected these dots offering a unique powerful post-acute care program. We call it “Digital Nutritherapy” and we are excited about its potential.”

With the combined system, hospital providers are getting an integrated solution that drives better outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and enhanced profitability. This digitally-integrated clinical nutrition program unlocks a new paradigm in patient-centered care that not only delivers better results in the acute phase of healing and recovery, but also provides patients the long-term support they need to improve their health

About MEND

MEND is a life sciences and biotechnology company that harnesses the power of nature to supercharge health and healing for every body. Our nature-powered supplements are clinically-proven and recognized by the medical community to be effective in accelerating repair, recovery, and improving key risk factors that contribute to chronic conditions. MEND works with leading hospitals and universities on developing evidence based clinical nutrition products to enhance patient outcomes. Which is why we’re such a hit with high-impact individuals in sports, the military, and anyone living an active life. We are committed to educating the world about the power of natural ingredients as a complement to medical treatment. We make it easy for people to use nature to power themselves back to health. And to stay healthy on the daily. For more information, contact: or visit our website at

About Twig Health

Twig Health aims to bring a new generation of member care management and patient care engagement, with a digital-first, High Tech + High Touch concierge service, powered by AI. With Twig Health, healthcare stakeholders can rapidly offload, expand, and optimize care engagement services for their patients and member populations. Twig Health is a Digital Health startup, based in New York. The company was founded by a group of RMDY Health and Digital Health leaders. To learn more please visit our website at or contact us at

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