MEND Expands NSF Sport Certification To Meet Growing Demand From Professional Sports


MEND Expands NSF Sport Certification To Meet Growing Demand From Professional Sports

Eziah Syed

Gold standard certification initiated for MEND Regenerate to meet rapidly growing global demand from professional and collegiate sports teams

Nutrition For Healing® LLC announces that due to the very strong and growing demand for MEND™ Regenerate from professional and collegiate sports, it has commenced NSF Sport certification. This follows on the heels of successful NSF Sport certification for MEND™ Orthopedic, a specialized medical dietary supplement to support tissue repair and healing, which has also seen rapid adoption by sports teams.

The 2016 anti-aging product of the year, MEND Regenerate is increasingly being utilized as the primary nutrition powder by professional and collegiate sports programs. The very unique all-natural formulation, which was developed after 3 years of testing in an orthopedic medical practice, was immediately recognized and adopted by leading authorities in sports performance and nutrition for lean muscle building, tissue recovery and numerous other health benefits.

“We’ve had such strong demand from sports teams, that we’ve decided to immediately commence certification of Regenerate”, states Heidi Skolnik, a nationally recognized authority in nutrition and consultant to many professional sports teams. “We are very committed to developing only the highest quality evidence based products that our clients can trust and given the growing demand for MEND products from professional sports, we have begun the certification process.”

NSF Sport certification is the highest standard provided by NSF, which is an independent testing and certifying body for dietary supplements relied on by professional and collegiate sports. This gold standard certification ensures that athletes are using a high quality, pure product, free of any banned substances.

Professional teams and athletes across the globe are increasingly using MEND Repair & Recover and MEND Regenerate – from rugby in Australia, to soccer in Europe, to NHL in Canada and NBA, MLB, Track & Field, Ski/Snowboard and NFL in the United States. Orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists across the United States are also utilizing MEND with their patients to support tissue healing, recovery and to address sarcopenia.